Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring update

So much has happened in 4 months since our last posting

Hudson continues to grow like a weed...he's got 2 teeth in and working on a third, has changed to a new school (and is doing really well), and he's discovered Max (our Schnauzer)...too bad Max isn't as excited about him

He's had the flu, croop, ear infections, asthma, and respiratory mess to name a few of his ailments this year...thankfully we're at a place that he's over those things and doing well right now (knock on wood)

He loves just about any solid food that we give him...green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, apples, pears, bananas, yogurt, chicken, etc...Hudson really loves it when Gigi sneaks him a popsicle!

Through it all, we've discovered that Hudson has an extremely laid back personality (except when he's hungry)...we've been very blessed to have a baby that is as easy going as he is (I know....that can all change in an instant)...he's sitting up, playing with all sorts of toys, loves to have books read to him, and loves to stare at Max

Erin started her new schedule at the hospital so she'll only be working 3 days a week most weeks...she's really excited about getting to spend more time with Hudson

Here's a few pics to catch you up on what the boy has been doing (the pictures don't lie...he's as rotund and round in real life as he is in the photos)

Hudson, Noah, and Lucas

Mother's Day

Gig 'em...ain't no tea-sippers
allowed in this crib!

"So I'm not supposed to eat
"Maybe if I just keep drooling
on this thing I can figure out
how it works"

Hudson and Lucas

Good friends...Hudson, Garrett, Liz, and Erin

Hudson LOVES his mama!

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